Could DIY Drugstores Be The Next New Thing?

A team of Glaswegian scientists are hoping to develop a machine that serves as an ‘on-demand’ drug store. The machine would concoct the specific drug you’re prescribed on the spot and churn it out for you like a vending machine. Now you don’t have to be rich and famous to have your own personal pharmacy at home!

Taking the whole process one step further, scientists have developed an intriguing theory that they could use this technology to actually detect, diagnose and cure diseases as they arise in the human body. Using a process similar to modern day 3D printing, the team has created what’s called “reactionware.”

While the 3D printers themselves are growing more and more popular, it still could be awhile before we see this kind of pharmaceutical advancement in our homes. Still, scientists foresee a day in which we can detect and treat our illnesses with the touch of a button on our handheld devices.

(Source: BBC)

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